Manage Your Own Property

In Control of your Investment


Screening – Contracts – Condition Reports – Maintenance

Service Providers

Communicate with Owners and Tenants – Scheduling


Application – Communication – Scheduling


Boost Your Efficiency using Technology

”Property Management is no longer a blackbox which I have no idea what is going on…”

Owen who uses RentalBee to manage his own proeprty rather than outsourcing to a traditional property agent.

Owen attends an open house, collect the applications, create contracts and obtain on-going condition reports all via the RentalBee portal.

When tenant requires fixing to certain parts of the property, Owenuses the RentalBee’s app to obtain quotes from the market place. Owen is able to obtain quotes based on the photos and videos sent via the app. All scheduling can all be booked for the professional tradies with the tenants while Owen has full visibility about the progress.